Good intent has gone bad, and lack of wisdom can lead to legal risk for your small business.  What are we talking about?  The company holiday party.

There is a myriad of inherent risks to a business that can negatively impact not only your business, it also can hurt your employees.  Here is a non-exclusive list of risks and liabilities you expose yourself to with the holiday party event.

  1. Religious discrimination.
  2. Hostile Work Environment based on Religion.
  3. Sexual Harassment including Quid Pro Quo.
  4. Exclusion.
  5. Serving Alcohol risking DUI and Accidents.
  6. Physical dangers.
  7. Gossip and lost productivity.
  8. Bad publicity when in a public forum.
  9. The list goes on and on….


When planning a company event, you need to:

  1. Evaluate the purpose of the event.
  2. Determine who will monitor and manage the event.
  3. Understand who is invited to prevent exclusive behavior.
  4. Ensure you have compliant policies that address behavior and expectations at a company sponsored function.
  5. Know when an event is company sponsored, for example, a manager who has an event with their team is a company sponsored event.
  6. Much, much more to protect your business from risk and liability.

TAHR Services has the subject matter experts to provide the necessary advice and develop the appropriate compliant policies to mitigate these risks and liabilities.  We also provide people leadership training to enhance oversight and accountability to protect your business.  To effectively prepare for your holiday season company events contact Warren Cook at TAHR Services by scheduling a free discovery call today.

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