Poor Workforce Performance – What should you do?

In every organization I have found people leaders concerned with the performance or success of their staff.  The staff are failing, not meeting goals, are underperforming, make significant mistakes, mistreat clients or customers, and more.  They engage our firm to evaluate the situation and their initial goal is to “fix” the employees or help them terminate them.

First, from my experience over the last 27 years, 75% of the time the root cause and problem are not the employee.  Instead, the challenge is with the onboarding, training, engagement, performance management, accountability, and communication from the employer or people leader to the employee to impact a positive change in workplace behavior and actions to achieve success.


Resist the urge to focus on discipline or corrective action and separation of employment until after you look in the mirror and analyze if your people leaders are providing the workforce the necessary tools, resources, and support to employees to be successful.  You increase your risk and liability related to a wrongful or discriminatory termination if you fail to first ensure you have done everything expected as an employer to help the employee correct the situation and achieve success.  Many clients I have worked with lacked the internal experience or expertise to take this best practice approach to elevating the workforce and raising the bar in people leadership and performance management.

To start changing your approach and to leverage best practices that lead to success you need the right HR expert to advise you and your leadership team.  Let’s start that conversation today so you can achieve the success you deserve!  Contact Warren Cook at TAHR Services by scheduling a free discovery call today.  Let us develop a customized solution that mitigates the risks of a deficient performance management program.

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