It is January meaning time to meet with your direct reports and establish goals for 2024. This is not always easy as everyone gets busy, and before you know it, we are well into February or March and employees have not had goals communicated, discussed, or agreed upon.  This can create a myriad of workforce issues for your business.

Here are five tips to improve your goal setting practices aligning with your professional development or performance management programs.

  1. Goals must be SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timebound.
  2. Part of the goals should be specific to the position of the employee, and consistent with every other employee in the same role.
  3. Part of the goals should be specific to the employee to mitigate gaps, empower professional development, align with a succession plan, and more.
  4. Goals should be developed together with the employee and agreed upon for the desired impact of success for the employee and organization.
  5. Establish and agree on a review and performance feedback schedule to provide timely feedback and create availability for discussion when the employee needs help.


Effective implementation of a goal setting program improves engagement, trust, loyalty, productivity and overall performance success.  We recommend, at a minimum, bi-weekly performance meetings with your staff to identify gaps and create solutions quickly to support professional development.  Similarly, regular meetings ensure feedback is focused on helping the employee achieve success and is not used as a punitive measure against the employee. To start changing your approach and to leverage best practices that lead to success you need the right HR expert to advise you and your leadership team.  Let’s start that conversation today so you can achieve the success you deserve!  Contact Warren Cook at TAHR Services by scheduling a free discovery call today.  We can develop a customized strategic roadmap to enhance all human resource management practices that support your continued success.

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