Business owners are taking as many actions as possible to provide a myriad of benefits and services to their workforce, including at times childcare solutions to attract, retain, and support employees.  However, are you aware of the Employer-Provided Childcare Credit that you may be eligible for a general business tax credit?  You may reconsider your approach to addressing the needs of your workforce and their childcare needs once you have a better understanding of this credit.

Insight: This is a great topic to explore eligibility, how the program works, what the limits are, the filing requirements, and more as you design comprehensive benefits and wellness solutions for your workforce.  Imagine that providing a much-needed service and solution to your employees could result in tax credits for your business.  To learn more about this and other credits available to businesses, contact  Art Chianese, CPA / EA at TAHR Services Inc or schedule a free discovery call today.

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