“Warren, for months there were problems we just didn’t think they were a big deal and well, now we are unsure how to handle this.”  What a common call I get from client and prospects alike and generally there has been zero communication to the employee about the performance, behavior, or conduct that is unacceptable or failing and now they want an easy fix which is not a simple as you might think.

Don’t treat new hires or recently promoted staff as on any grace or honeymoon period and certainly stop the whole “probationary period” mindset in an at-will employment world.  Immediately, and I mean in the first few days, present the job description, review the role and responsibilities, expectations, and establish goals.  Then, you must implement accountability from that day forward.

Insight: If there are deficiencies, communicate what they are verbally to the employee and then follow up in writing with clarity.  Coach first, give the employee training and support to achieve success, and then begin corrective action up to termination.  Bad hires happen, however when there is a good hire and you fail to help that individual achieve success everyone loses. Establishing a relationship with an HR Advisor to mitigate this journey before the problem exists would be both strategic and smart for your business.  To learn more and have a discussion about your employment practices contact Warren Cook at TAHR Services by scheduling a free discovery call today.

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