Far too often business owners share with us they are struggling to hire great talent.  They post a job, interview some applicants, make a hire, and then it doesn’t work out.  But why?

Have you ever considered why larger organizations have greater success in hiring top talent?  Is it just brand and name recognition? Better benefits or higher wages?  In our humble opinion, no, that is not the most significant issue to overcome.  What is?

Your hiring practices.  Starting with your job description which evolves into a job posting.  Poorly written or nonexistent and you are failing to use this strategic process to help applicants who are not qualified self-select out and qualified applicants align with your position and organization. Then we need to consider how you market the vacancy, meaning website, social media, job boards, etc.  These choices may send your posting to the wrong audience or where best talent doesn’t look for your type of job.

If we continue, then you have the resume review or applicant tracking system to perform initial screening, then initial interviews, and the story and journey goes on.  Without training, experience, and practices that are effective in determining who is the best applicant, you could be spending a significant amount of time producing less than desirable results.

Insight: Time to change that cycle and work with TAHR Services Inc to explore a new talent acquisition program or leverage our talent acquisition solutions to take this off your plate. To get expert advice on hiring great talent today contact Jennifer Cook, VP and HR Strategic Advisor at TAHR Services by scheduling a free discovery call today.  We can develop a talent acquisition program and solution to enhance your organization’s ability to identify, attract, and hire great talent.

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